Almost from the summer of 2019, I started working on the Stackoverflow site and answering questions that were asked about C # and I knew the answer. Early on, when I received a positive score (upvote), I felt very good, and this feeling made me want to increase my score faster. I told a friend of mine who was a programmer to register on the site and upvote the questions I answered to increase my score :).

He upvoted almost my first 20 questions and I got 200 points, I was very happy. Two days later, I received a notification in StackOverflow that all the 200 points I received were from a user and was considered fraud and deleted all 200 points. I said there must be another way to increase my score. That's why, to every question I answered, I told my friend to upvote me in a few hours or days so that the stack would not notice :). 

But after a while my score reached close to 900, I did not feel good about myself. I knew many of these points were not real and most of them were fake. I told my friend if I told you to upvote again, don't do this to me :) And I didn't tell him again because I didn't really feel good and I had a bad feeling about myself. In the beginning, it was good that I was getting points, but later this good feeling turned into a bad feeling for me. 

After that, all the upvotes I received were real and I felt really good. It's the same now.

A few days ago, my friend who had previously given me an upvote answered a question and told me to give him an upvote. I also gave an upvote to the answer and it was over until I lost 740 points at 10 o'clock tonight. I was very shocked. I, who had not cheated anymore, why should I have lost so many points? When I went, I looked and saw that all the previous upvotes I had received from my friend had been deleted, and he had said that if two people upvote each other's answers, the bodies of all their votes would be corrected.

It would have been much better if I had deleted the fake points I had received at that time, as long as they were all real and I had a downturn in my score. However, I did something wrong from the beginning and it should have been deleted. 

Anyway, this was a part of my life that I learned not to do anymore and it became an experience for me :). 

If you work in Stackoverfow or other sites, do not do this, first, it is good, your score goes up, but then you do not feel good about yourself.

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    nice note

    Posted at Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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      thank you

      Posted at Friday, September 24, 2021